Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester/Tussah Silk Tops
Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester/Tussah Silk Tops

Blue Faced Leicester wool is fine and dense with a good lustre and long staple length. This combination is 70% BFL and 30% bleached tussah silk. The BFL fleece is highly prized for its likeness to mohair and for its production of attractive lustrous yarns with good resilience. These Oatmeal BFL/Tussah Silk tops are 26 mic and have an average fibre length of 85-90mm. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

The Oatmeal colour base gives a subtle shading and depth when dyed, while the silk takes colours more vividly.

Fibre weight 100gms.   


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